Unfunk Yourself: Meditation Magic Sauce

Meditation impossible?? A total joke?? Like your brain is a swirling vortex of incessant chatter. I struggled with meditation until I found the “Magic-Sauce.” A technique that works, simplifying the process, by creating something specific that resonates with your soul. This method has worked for me for years & no one is talking about it!

Meditation was foreign to me for years. Every time I attempted it? I felt like a fake. Eyes closed & my brain was off writing the grocery list, my to-do list, my bills… Such a joke! UNTIL I FIGURED THIS ONE THING OUT!… IT’S BRILLIANT!

Unfunk Yourself

Opening you up and tapping into your intuitive SUPERPOWERS. Completely change your perception of the world around you, your past, and your future. Rediscover your gifts and your power through the missing piece that no one is talking about. Shifting from big mess to big magic as a badass-manifestor!

Over twenty years of studying condensed into what actually WORKS!

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    Program Details:

    One-on-one Magic Clients $90 first hour session + each ¼ hr additional $20

    New clients $150 flat fee per hour.

    Additional pre-recorded custom meditations upon request $150.