Soul Conversations

SOUL CONVERSATIONS is great follow up session to Big Mess to Big Magic. Now that you are cracked open and out of your own way!

Life is hard enough. Embracing that bat-shit crazy chatter in your head does NOT serve you. Take charge!

Soul Conversations

What is your SOUL screaming for??

Your soul is always talking to you. Guiding you, longing for your happiness. It’s trying to climb in the driver’s seat and get you back on track!

It starts right now!

In these small moments—day-to-day. Which voice in your head are you giving floor time? That frightened voice of your ego? Trying to convince you that you don’t deserve better? That you couldn’t possibly achieve great things? Don’t act like you don’t hear the noise up there…

You can allow your heart, your spirit, soul to take charge.

The part of you that wants abundance for you. OR (yikes!) you can allow your internal chatter, heightened emotional response, anxiety & fear driven ego to hijacked your masterpiece of an BADASS life?

Opening you up and tapping into your intuitive SUPERPOWERS. Completely change your perception of the world around you, your past, and your future. Rediscover your gifts and your power through the missing piece that no one is talking about. Shifting from big mess to big magic as a badass-manifestor!

Over twenty years of studying condensed into what actually WORKS!

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    Program Details:

    Simple tools to tap into the power of the mind

    Reset that internal chatter in *trigger moments

    Have a go-to conversation calling in your superpowers

    Sit in strength-calm-clarity, even when it seems the crazy world is spinning off its axis.

    One-on-one Magic Clients $90 first hour session + each ¼ hr additional $20

    New clients $150 flat fee per hour.