Big Mess to Big Magic

BIG MESS TO BIG MAGIC is a rolling two or four-week course that launches you into my world of “Big Magic.”

Tired of hearing that growing personally and spiritually is “hard work?” SO WAS I!  It doesn’t have to be. I am proving that as a highly sensitive, empathic, gifted intuitive, I have mastered the art of unplugging from the noise around me and tapping into my intuitive powers. I will teach you how to do the same!

Big Mess to Big Magic

Do you ever feel anxiety and wonder why?

When there is no good reason? Your chest is tight and your insides rattle. Welcome to the world of an empath! There is a 99% chance that that s### show isn’t even yours. You are simply feeling everything and everyone around you. You aren’t solid in who you are at your core. You have spent your life navigating everyone’s emotions around you and the whole time you thought YOU were a mess. Sound familiar? When you learn to unplug from the world around you, you learn how to plug into your intuition, your higher power, God, the Universe.

Are you looking around at a life you don’t recognize?

Your heart aches for more? That is your soul screaming to reconnect with you. That is your spirit begging you to SHIFT!

Have you always felt different?

Like a duck out of water? Looking around at your family and thinking, “I’m not like any of these people.” Like surely aliens dropped you off and you are just waiting for the mothership to pick you back up?

I get you…You have always felt like something else is going on around you!

Opening you up and tapping into your intuitive SUPERPOWERS. Completely change your perception of the world around you, your past, and your future. Rediscover your gifts and your power through the missing piece that no one is talking about. Shifting from big mess to big magic as a badass-manifestor!

Over twenty years of studying condensed into what actually WORKS!

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    Program Details:

    One-on-one Private Course Cost $1299

    Payments Available.

    Four Sessions 1 ½ to 2 hours each

    Via Zoom/no video

    Three of Four Sessions Include Meditations

    All Sessions Recorded for Future Replay

    Once a client completes this course, you are able to purchase additional sessions as a “magic client.”