Finally, the secrets to slowing down the aging process that no one is talking about.  It is not what you think…

Before you read ahead, let me make this clear. This will not be your average b.s. anti-aging article.  We will not be covering the importance of healthy eating, exercise, or annual check-ups. And I promise I won’t be fueling the negative chatter in your head that journals your every genetic predisposition.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I do care about all of those things. The small choices we make daily are cumulative. That’s a no-brainer. As a forty-something woman, I want to feel young and ridiculously healthy as long as I can.  I am not above being gluten-free, sugar-free, OR ex-husband-free.  I am also not against lathering my entire body in anti-aging cream, sitting in from of infrared lights and sweating out the sins of my twenties. After all, my twenties were freaking fabulous!  This article, however, is about none of those things.

As a fitness trainer to senior women for ten years, I picked up these priceless gems of wisdom that will completely change how you “choose to age.”  These woman created lives of health and happiness by choosing to be rebels.

They owned their stage.

These remarkable kind women were silly, light-hearted, and took very few things seriously.  Accept one. They could give a crap about what others thought. It was THEIR show. Those around them filled roles on THEIR stage. They had no bones about telling you this and then in the next breath, sweet as pie, invite you to join their show.

Their laughter filled more of our conversations than words of wisdom.

Yes, there were always treasures tucked away in our discussions.  I did most of the talking as I was self-absorbed and immature.  Eventually, I’d run out of air or words, or whichever came first.  They would laugh at my intensity and smile, saying something like “Just do what makes you happy.”

They kept younger company and were disruptors.

Key to what made them so dynamic was that they made time and space for friends half their age.  They put themselves into younger circles of friends and worked to “keep up.”  You would never hear them use their age as an excuse or as a badge of courage. They intentionally BROKE molds and never allowed others to categorize them as “too old” for any activity.  They kept life sexy and were not opposed to spicing things up by changing their looks, hobbies, or routines. There was no negotiating their identity and they reserved the right to change it.

These youthful elderly ladies had “habits or self-respect.”

They did what felt right FOR THEM.  They were not obsessed with food, exercise, or skincare.  When they were hungry, they ate what made then feel well.  They went on walks because they loved nature and it gave them more energy.  To them, routines and regimens of self-care were just “habits of self-respect.”

We expect to hear that healthy and happy at ninety is some magic blend. Some special sauce — 50% hard work and 50% genetics. I would disagree.  Based on years of listening, I would instead encourage each of us to toss the odds and lighten up!   There is no reason to make this thing called life so complicated.  Enjoy it as if you were never given a rule book. Keep it sexy.  Own it as if you are writing the script.  After all, it is YOUR STORY.