What the Sisters are Saying

I’m still processing all the nuggets from this course! Jo has a gift of succinctly, intuitively guiding you through the simple stuff to allow you to get out of your own way and go for the Big Magic! Believe in yourself enough to step into this work. It has opened my mind and heart and allowed me to release my own baggage that I didn’t even realize was holding me down. It’s so freeing and opened space for me to experience God’s hand on my life and what a gift that is for me to share!!!!

Michelle Weihing

Jo’s course helped bring things to the forefront for me. Not only is she an amazing teacher she is an amazing friend. I highly recommend taking her course. You will not regret it.

Misty Willis, Co-Founder Expanded Women's Network

Jo Davis has helped me rediscover so much about myself that I seriously forgot existed. The old me and the new me! 

Danielle Vincent

I knew I always had a gift of intuition, but wow! Jo really showed me how to unleash my own magic within myself.  Jo’s intuition, wisdom, insight and compassion and desire to guide us on this journey is unlike any other course. I have come away from this with so many gifts and knowledge about myself that I utilize every day. I feel so very grateful. I am open and ready to receive what the universe has in store for me next.  I encourage everyone to take these life changing courses.

Darlene Carcieri, Certified Life Coach

I just finished my second session. It feels magical! I can feel huge shifts taking place. I am transforming into a higher vibration of my true self.  Looking forward to session three!

Christine Kuntz R.N.

Listen, I was a therapist for 18 years and have been in the online healing spaces for 5 years as a business therapist. To say that I have experienced MANY modalities for growth would be an understatement. I had my Big Mess to Big Magic sessions with Jo Davis and they were amazing. It isn’t as much what happens in the session as what it opens up space to accomplish. The sessions are amazing but the ripple effect is astounding. 

Nicole Lewis-Keeber, LCSW and Author

This course changedeverything!It gave me answers about my life.It helped me understand how to embrace my gifts and quiet that chatter in my mind. Jo has a way of sorting these questions out with you. I now feel clarity about my life direction.

Jean Oliver

If you aren’t familiar with Jo? You want to be! Magical things are going on for sure.Like most of us, I’ve been through alot and I completely lost myself. 100%I am coming back. Thank you so much for all you do. I’m grateful beyond.

Jennifer Rooke

This course has been transformative! I am looking at things from a completely different perspective now.

Katharine Parry

Jo’s courses are truly one of a kind and with powerful magic!

Janice Wayne

You know there are only a few women who really get that straightening another Queen’s crown is a testament to all goodness in all women: supporting, uplifting, cheering on, laughing and crying for and with each other. Jo Davis, I salute you. You don’t know how much light you have thrown on dark days. You are fire’s spark.

Susaye Greene, Grammy Award Winning Artist

Loved your sessions!  It gave me a new whole new perspective on the world and my little bubble too. This girl has CRAZY intuitive skills. Big things start to happen for those who come into her path. Jump in the deep end and fall in love with yourself again while Jo lights the way. You’ll never look at things the same.It will change the way you look at everything. 

Jo Franklin, Founder of Project Good Mojo

I am grateful for Jo’s spirit and compassion. Working with me through Big Mess to Big Magic! Jo is very respectful of beliefs others have and taps into the Love! That’s what it is all about – Love and God is Love – Fact!I appreciate being more open and having better ears to hear my spirit and connection to my own heart. Thank you, Jo for your help in unlocking my heart so I may have the power to actual be present and conscious in my journey and love my life! Appreciate you.

Tanesa Spence

I recommend! Jo truly gives you tools to rethink your life and a better understanding of how to move forward with a completely new way of thinking. Awakened and alive!

Lynn Dailey

Jo is the freaking bomb! Life changing is an understatement when you take this course.

Katy Parker

Jo will ignite your fire and erupt that sleeping volcano! Step in front of yourself and live greater! Jo you are uplifting, open hearted and willing to help kick the bad ass into us!  Appreciate you girl! 

Von Staszewska

Thank you for everything! This class has forever changed my life in the best way possible.

Sariah Littleton

Unbelievable tools in this program! Not only help me propel forward in my career.  It launched me into the year as a different person! Not only have I improved all areas of my life I am also able to pay it forward and help other women take life to the next level! I love Jo, her gifts, her heart and this amazing course! Don’t hesitate!

Jenifer North

Five stars!! Thank you, Jo Davis! I’ve listened to my first session on repeat in my car this week. This portal we are opening together is so magical! I am grateful for the support I feel right now from this tribe! Thank you! WOW what a SPOTLIGHT you are! Thank you for leading the way for the rest of us. Thank you for “tuning in” so clearly and illuminating the way. You have an amazing Gift! I expect miracles! Can’t wait for session two!!!  Jo Davis you could be the “female” medical medium. We’ll see you on Oprah! To anyone thinking about taking this course, well that’s the magic working. Next step – say Yes!

AJ Beaber, Author, Founder of Ignite the Light

For the 1st time in 52 years, I see my life clearly. Thank you, Jo.

Danette Powell

Jo is a beautiful soul with big wisdom.

Laurie Lankins Farley, Author “Conversations With God for Parents”

There are no words to describe the growth that is happening in me. All I know is that things about my life are beginning to make so much more sense thanks to Jo!She has such amazing insight, love and compassion. I’m opening up more and using my voice and I’m able to articulate my feelings much better than before this course. I can’t wait to see what is next! Thank you so much Jo, for your love, support and guidance. I can’t wait to meet more women that are more in a space that you are in. Thank you again!!  Words can hardly even express my love and gratitude for you.

Jennifer Hamlet

I just got off a session with Jo and all I can say is WOW!  Chills down my spine. I spent my life thinking I was weird and that something was wrong with me but after talking with Jo, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!! I’m so taking her next upcoming course, because I really feel that she can give me the tools to find my way. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me, encourage me, and understand me. I don’t feel like an alien anymore.I’m so overly excited, I can’t stand it! LOVE JO!

Jennifer Hamlet

This course is transformational on many levels. It will give you exactly what you need in this moment on your life journey.  Jo will awaken you. Get you reacquainted with your soul-self through insights and a new perception of what is really going on.  To have this new understanding is to dissolve the triggers and the reactive side of our experience. Embrace your superpowers. Elevating you above any chaos that may be presenting itself in your “dinner show”!   If you are on the fence, just jump in!  You’ll be glad you did!

Leah Jackson, Life Coach

This has been seriously mind blowing for me. One day “Poof” Jo was there and the next day I’m getting the keys I’ve been missing all these years. I’m still mid-transformation, so I’m still a little speechless. Thank you Jo!

Jenny Schuster

This space is so amazing! So much beautiful true wisdom.Everything Jo does is right from the heart. I feel it and see it in all her work.I am so grateful to connect. Say yes to embrace Big Mess and dance into Big Magic!

Mariela Torres

Such a fabulous course with dynamite words of wisdom & awesome transformations!

Jennifer Austin

This girl is on FIRE!She is literally the most powerful, intuitive woman I’ve ever met.

Susanne Zavelle, Author, Motivational Speaker.