Lift A Sister Up

I crack people open to their gifts.
Those who are ready to shift.
I'll help you get out of the mess.
And into your magic!

I crack people open to their gifts.
Those who are ready to shift.
I'll help you get out of the mess.
And into your magic!

Jo is NOT for everyone!

Those who are ready to shift. Get out of the mess. The mud. Their old tired stories. The ones ready to receive big-love, big-magic, big-new-adventures & opportunities. All the beauty that our soul is craving.

Jo’s Mission?

Show ordinary people how to tap into their intuitive superpowers. Supporting them on their continued path by connecting them with other strong women through teaching and resources.

Who is Jo?

Jo is a highly gifted intuitive, a published author, and dynamic speaker in addition to being an adventure addict and the Founder of Lift A Sister Up. She  inspires other women to chase their dreams.

What Jo Values

Transparency. Honestly. Humor. She believes that we all have a higher purpose than wife, mother, daughter, friend… That we have a sacred contract. The deal we made with our soul before we showed up.


A 4-Week Course to Transform Your Life

YOU START HERE! This is my four-week course to launch you into my world of “Big Magic.” Completely change your perception of the world around you, your past, and your future. Rediscover your gifts and your power through the missing piece that no one is talking about. Shifting from big mess to big magic as a badass-manifestor!

This is the foundational work I do with all my clients. If you want to work with me, this is where we start!

Big Mess to Big Magic

A word about Lift A Sister Up

I crack people open to their gifts.

After losing a six figure job and all my friends, I realized that I wasn’t being true to my soul. Everything around me was a fake as I was. Everything around me felt forced and rigid. A struggle. A threw up my hands and said, “F’ it!” I finally had the opportunity to be myself and embrace all of my intuitive gifts. In letting go and surrendering, I found peace and joy and often effortless success. I embraced everything in me that felt weird and different. I decided that other high-vibe-weirdos out there must feel the same way too. They needed help connecting with their spirit, their intuition, their purpose and I could show them the way.

No one else is teaching “Intuition and intuitive superpowers”, how to let go of anxiety and crack open with joy, how to tune into their red phone to God, and how to step into their real raw gritty badass-soul.

What Lifted Sisters Say

There are no words to describe the growth that is happening in me. All I know is that things about my life are beginning to make so much more sense thanks to Jo!She has such amazing insight, love and compassion. I’m opening up more and using my voice and I’m able to articulate my feelings much better than before this course. I can’t wait to see what is next! Thank you so much Jo, for your love, support and guidance. I can’t wait to meet more women that are more in a space that you are in. Thank you again!!  Words can hardly even express my love and gratitude for you.

Jennifer Hamlet

This girl is on FIRE!She is literally the most powerful, intuitive woman I’ve ever met.

Susanne Zavelle, Author, Motivational Speaker.

I am grateful for Jo’s spirit and compassion. Working with me through Big Mess to Big Magic! Jo is very respectful of beliefs others have and taps into the Love! That’s what it is all about – Love and God is Love – Fact!I appreciate being more open and having better ears to hear my spirit and connection to my own heart. Thank you, Jo for your help in unlocking my heart so I may have the power to actual be present and conscious in my journey and love my life! Appreciate you.

Tanesa Spence

Jo Davis has helped me rediscover so much about myself that I seriously forgot existed. The old me and the new me! 

Danielle Vincent

For the 1st time in 52 years, I see my life clearly. Thank you, Jo.

Danette Powell

I’m still processing all the nuggets from this course! Jo has a gift of succinctly, intuitively guiding you through the simple stuff to allow you to get out of your own way and go for the Big Magic! Believe in yourself enough to step into this work. It has opened my mind and heart and allowed me to release my own baggage that I didn’t even realize was holding me down. It’s so freeing and opened space for me to experience God’s hand on my life and what a gift that is for me to share!!!!

Michelle Weihing

The ripples from one act of kindness can change everything.

Living Kindly - Jo Davis Author

One random act of kindness performed ten years ago sparked such joy in Leigh Clark that she committed to 30 days of kindness acts and, eventually, a worldwide movement through the creation of her nonprofit Kindleigh.

Jo Davis is honored to co-author this #1 Best-Selling book and worldwide collaborative project. Changing the world one small act of kindness at a time! Her chapter "Kindness is Badass" tells you everything you need to know about who she is and how simple it is to change your life and th world through "raw kindness and COURAGE."

Living Kindly isn’t just a feel-good read for those who love motivational and positive stories. It’s an extension of the missions of multiple kindness entrepreneurs, nonprofit founders, and others who strive to make the world a nicer place, one act of kindness at a time.

In this book, you’ll find stories of kindness to ourselves, to those we love, and to strangers—forming a strong web of kindness that will inspire you to take steps, too, to bring more kindness to our world.

How can you do something kind today? You’re helping to spread kindness just by purchasing this book! 50% of the proceeds will go to allowing for even more acts to be performed worldwide!

Contributing authors: Leigh M. Clark, Neil Schambra Stevens, Beth Socoski, Cori Wamsley, Jo Davis, Francesca Donlan, Magnus Wood, Cole Baker Bagwell, Debbie Lundberg, Daniel Levin, Krystle Mabery, Mark Shapiro, Angelica Perman, Jonathan Darling